TRi5 Ventures (pronounced “Thrive”) is a Venture Capital firm which focuses primarily on angel to seed-stage investment in technology startups across Southeast Asia.

The team has over 6 years of VC, mentoring and advisory experience, helping more than 700 advisories and supporting 38 startups obtaining US$5.3m in seed funding.

We specialise in deep technologies, AI and data science tech startups in the field of Fintech, Energy Tech, Education Tech and Marketplaces (ex-Singapore).

As early-stage investors, we take an active role in helping our portfolio startups to scale beyond their domestic markets into the region.

Our Company logo signifies the propagation of a thriving ecosystem from Singapore as the starting point or the “red” node. The “grey” nodes connect to form a network that will unify the region to impact positive change through smart innovation and entrepreneurship.

TRi5 Ventures is based in Singapore.


Life Without Regrets -A Tri5 Community Initiative

You are young, with many opportunities ahead of you. But doing a startup? Why bother?

You want fulfillment and do life-changing and impactful changes to society. But you are not sure how to. Singapore is also too small and too expensive to start-up. You do not know anyone in the region. What are the market opportunities to make changes in South-East Asia?

Maybe do a startup later after you have stabilize a career and have family? But by then, too many commitments will bog you down. Don’t regret not doing a startup when you are young. Live a life without regrets.

We are looking for crazy passionate young Singapore entrepreneurs who believe they can make a difference about their work, ideas and beliefs.

LifeWithoutRegrets is a community initiative that strives provide all the support for SG entrepreneurs to launching regional startups.

We provide financial support, tech talent, market access to foreign markets and mentorship for these entrepreneurs.

As part of this initiative, we will be running 3-Day immersion programmes to Malaysia, Vietnam, and Taiwan.

These trips will not only allow you to build valuable networks in these countries but also gain an in-depth understanding of the startup ecosystem, business landscape and culture of these countries.

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Experience a life-changing immersion entrepreneurial trip


In the first 50 years since its founding, Singapore was built on entrepreneurship, where its people ran businesses and spurred economic growth. However, in recent years, less Singaporeans start businesses in favour of better career opportunities.

Entrepreneurship is vital to igniting innovation and enacting change to spur economy activity in the next 50 years. The NEXT50 initiative aims to re-kindle the spark of entrepreneurship.

The NEXT50 is a pay-it-forward initiative launched by the private sector. Our belief is that Singapore will entrepreneurs should build entrepreneurs.

Leading this initiative, TRi5 Ventures has gathered many mentors. These mentors hail from many industries and possess a variety of expertise and experience: startup founders, data scientists, engineers, digital marketers, traditional business owners and more.

But more importantly, they have a heart to pay-it-forward and give back. Not only knowledge and experience will be imparted, but the spirit of entrepreneurship lives on.

The mentors have committed the time to meet Singapore entrepreneurs for one-off sessions, absolutely free-of-charge!

Unlock the value of mentorship for your entrepreneur journey



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Updates on our activities

Russian neuroscience marketing startup raises seed funding from TRi5 Ventures, establishes in Singapore

SINGAPORE – NeuroTrend Pte Ltd, globally recognised neuroscience technology company, which originated from Russia, and will expand its global presence through Singapore, has raised an undisclosed seed round from TRi5 Ventures. NeuroTrend looks to partner with creative agencies and media companies to launch the first-of-its-kind next generation neuromarketing consumer insights lab to provide a deeper…

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