Have an idea? Looking for co-founders? Always wanted an opportunity to dive headfirst into the world of start-ups? This is the opportunity of a lifetime for you.

We are looking for  crazy passionate Singapore entrepreneurs who believe they can make a difference about their work, ideas and beliefs.

Our “Life Without Regrets” Programme will offer you both the financial backing and team to be able to go abroad and create your own start-up. This programme aims to match you up with an existing Start-up in Kuala Lumpur or Ho Chi Minh.

There will be a 3 day immersion trip in January 2018 where we will bring you to understand the KL/HCM market and mingle with potential start-ups. You will join them as a co-founder to grow the business in their country for 6 months.

You got that right. You’re going there to DO something and make a difference, not just learn from another CEO /Founder because you ARE the Founder.

Ok I like the idea, what’s next?
1. Apply below
2. Join us for 3 day immersion trip to KL (3-5 Jan 2018) and/or HCM ( 16-18 Mar 2018).
3. Find a start-up that you would like to join and vice versa.
4.Hustle with the team in KL/HCM for 6 months!

We welcome anyone on our 3-day immersion trips! You can always decide to join the 6-month stint anytime! Come along and learn about the ecosystem and network with the most enthusiastic entrepreneurs!

Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon, said: “more often regrets stem from the path not taken” It was that that pushed him to start Amazon.

Better to have tried and failed than to live with the regret of not doing so. Why wait for the “right” time and regret when you’ve missed the opportunity to explore.

Take that step, put yourself out there and GO.

How to qualify


This program is intended to give student entrepreneurs the experience and opportunity to execute a startup abroad.

The requirements are:

Applicant must:

  • Be a Singapore Citizen;
  • Be a Tertiary student in Singapore;
  • Has not incorporated any Pte. Ltd. company before;
  • Not received any other government related funding;
  • Be able to commit full-time for a minimum of 6 months (or able to take an LOA for the same time period) to be based in Malaysia or Vietnam

Only Singapore citizens and PRs can apply for the program and meet the requirements of SPRING Singapore’s grant.

Startup is entrepreneur-driven

At an idea stage, TRi5 Ventures has found the most important ingredients of a successful startup is a driven and passionate entrepreneur with a solid foundation.

This means we prioritise the entrepreneur over the idea at this stage. If we like the entrepreneur, we will work with the entrepreneur to build a solid foundation for future investment.

Investment vertical

These are some of the suggested verticals to pursue, but you are free to explore other verticals in your time there

  • Fintech
  • Edutech
  • Energytech
  • Marketplaces (only if platform is targeting a SEA market outside SG)

There should be utilisation of with deep technologies and IP

We do not sign NDAs. We receive so many plans each week that if we were to sign every NDA request, we would quickly be swamped with legal documents.

Our reputation depends on our professionalism and our ability to maintain the trust of the entrepreneurs with whom we work. We will take care to keep your materials confidential. If you are not agreeable, please do not proceed with the advisory.

You can write to us under others and our team will get in touch with you shortly.
Alternatively, you may email louis@tri5.asia for any inquiries on Lifewithoutregrets Project.

Yes, you may apply to join the 3-day immersion programme.

Of course, this is subject to availability of slots and priority will be given to individuals that would want to embark on the 6-month journey with the local start-up.

Program Timeline

Immersion Program 2018

You will be joining us for a 3-day immersion program to either

  • Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam from 16-18 Mar 2018

Through these trips you will be able to:

  • Learn more about the country and survey the ground
  • Learn about the local problems and issues
  • Hear from local founders on the opportunities and challenges in their country
  • Meet and network with local startups
  • Connect with your eventual co-founder and team for your 6-month stint

Day 1
-Introduction to Start-up Ecosystem and Business landscape
-Meet Accelerators and their current batch of startups
-Meet your potential Tech-Cofounder

Day 2
-Fireside Chat with SG founders in HCM
-Full day Hackathon
-Mini-Hackathon competition
-Night R&R

Day 3
-Meet VC’s to validate + Learning about VC funding in HCM
-Free and Easy
-Return to Singapore

The costs of the immersion programme are borne by the participants:
It will cover the following:
-Events Space
-Local transport
-All Food and Drinks
-T-shirt and Misc
-Cross-country transportation to the country is not included at the moment (subject to changes).

The estimated costs for the immersion HCM is ~$350.
This is not inclusive of airfare and is estimated to be around $150- $250 for return tickets subject to availability.

A 6 month Journey

After a successful immersion trip, you will be heading to either Vietnam or Malaysia during your LOA to embark on this program

The Singaporean Co-Founder

This is you. You won’t be there to learn from your boss as an intern. You will be there in the capacity of a founder, knee-deep in the mud and co-creating a start-up.

What will I be doing?

As the Singaporean Co-founder, you will be joining your Malaysian/Vietnamese Co-founder and team at their respective countries to solve local problems.

You’ll be there for a minimum period of 6 months, experiencing each and every day as a start-up founder.

What do I do after?

That is your choice. You’ve brought that idea up for the past 6 months. There is potential in it, it is for you to choose if you want to continue nurturing your start-up beyond the 6 month mark

What you will be getting

Investments and funding

  • S$40k funds into your startup
    • S$10k investment* + S$30k grant
  • Follow-on participation of up to S$200k in seed funding by Tri5**

* Valuation cap at S$500k
**Subjected to Tri5’s seed investment mandate

Through the Immersion Program, you’ll be connecting with young start-up founders and their teams

If you match and are suitable – Say hello to your new founding team!

An opportunity of a lifetime

Where else will you get the funds and team to execute your dreams? No seriously, where?

Success or failure, there is no other chance like this to throw yourself into the deep end. Either way, you’ll come out of it wiser and equipped with a heck lot more experience than any of your peers