The Next50 movement

In the first 50 years since its founding, Singapore was built on entrepreneurship, where its people ran businesses and spurred economic growth. However, in recent years, less Singaporeans start businesses in favour of better career opportunities.

Entrepreneurship is vital to igniting innovation and enacting change to spur economy activity in the next 50 years. The NEXT50 initiative aims to re-kindle the spark of entrepreneurship.

The NEXT50 is a pay-it-forward initiative launched by the private sector. Our belief is that Singapore will entrepreneurs should build entrepreneurs.

Building up the next generation

Leading this initiative, TRi5 Ventures has gathered over 60 mentors. These mentors hail from many industries and possess a variety of expertise and experience: startup founders, data scientists, engineers, digital marketers, traditional business owners and more.

But more importantly, they have a heart to pay-it-forward and give back. Not only knowledge and experience will be imparted, but the spirit of entrepreneurship lives on.

The mentors have committed the time to meet Singapore entrepreneurs for one-off sessions, absolutely free-of-charge! There may be follow-on consultations or long-term mentorships based on mutual agreement.

Visit our Advisory Clinic to understand what the mentors can provide. If you have a particular preference for a mentor, please indicate in the contact form.

Business/Startup experts and Life coaches

Oswald Yeo

CEO, Glints

Cai Li

Co-founder, Airfrov

Ted Poh Chen Wei

CEO and co-Founder, Pegaxis

Hui Yi Lee

Developer Community Manager, Google

Ivan Chang


Pei Lin Cho

Managing Director, Asia PR Werkz

Paul Yang

Cofounder and CEO, Lomotif

Jielun Ong

Operations Manager, APAC, Plug and Play

Brian Wee

Director, Fundplaces

Adrian Mah

Partner, Pullman Morrison

Khairu Rejal

Managing Partner, Rekanext Capital Partners

Yusho Liu

Co-founder, CoinHako

Casper Ng

Head (Social Finance), Singapore Centre for Social Enterprise, raiSE Ltd

Gilbert Neo

Founder, 9cv9

David Moskowitz

CEO, Indorse

Soon-Hwa Wong

Founder and CEO, Asia Tourism Consulting

Glenn Ong

Ops, Transferwise

Clarence Chan

Founder, Bandwagon

Syakir Hashim

VP APAC, Wahed Invest LLC

Michelle Leong

MD / Principal Trainer, The 10:10 Life

Steven Ong

Managing Director, CoInvestz

John Paul Chen

Managing Director, Saltycustoms

Raniel Lee

Founder, Rightspot

Adrian Tan

Program Director, Vietnam Innovative Startup Accelerator

Gideon Lam

Founder, Shalom Movers

Elvin Zhang

Investment Manager, Vertex Ventures

Victor Tan

Director, SG Innovate

Bernard Chan

CEO & Founder, ALPHA Camp

Ting Yan Leck

Director, TRi5 Ventures

Alvin Koh

Founder/CEO, Peko Peko

Cherilyn Tan

CEO, Asia Law Network

Derrick Koh

Founder, Singapore Consortium International School, Cambodia

Kelvin Koo

Managing Director, Falcon Agency

Daryl Chew

Founder, Nail Deck

Jerry Lim

COO, JP Pepperdine Group

Sei Wee Kek

Founder and CEO, IoTalents

Jan Wong

Founder, OpenMinds Resources

Tze-Shen Ko

Venture Partner, TRi5 Ventures

Kenneth Lou

Co-founder, Seedly

Dalston Pung

Venture Partner, TRi5 Ventures

Kah Wee Seah

Director, TRi5 Ventures

Derrick Teo

CEO, Elitez

Jerry Chen

Managing Director, Express in Music

Kenneth Chew

Venture Partner, Tri5 Ventures and MD (Strategy & Investments),Noroo Holdings

Christopher Quek

Managing Partner, Tri5 Ventures

Technical Experts (Data Scientists, Engineers, Medical, Digital Marketers)

Dr Bert Grobben

CEO, Budding Innovations

Dr Ian Mathews

Emergency Medicine Specialist, NUH

Dr Percy Luu

Head, TN3 Neurodevice Development Group, NUS

Dr Mark Chong

Senior Lecturer, Nanyang Technological University

Son Le Thanh

Cognitive Solution Engineer, IBM

Lux Anantharaman

Lab Head, Business Analytics Translation Center, IIR

Su Yuen Chin

CEO & Co-Founder, MomoCentral

Jason Tamara Widjaja

Associate Director Data Science, MSD

Yen-Lu Chow

Managing Director, WholeTree

Charles Lee

Co-Founder, Coder School Vietnam

Gene Yan Ooi

Co-founder, Shentilium

Tushar Tejuja

Founder, HackerTrail

Chery Liew

Software Engineer

Antony Ma

CTO, PowerData2Go

Gaurang Torvekar

Cofounder and CTO, Attores

Junxian Lee

Co-founder, Moovaz

Yu Jian Kong

CTO, Hackwagon Academy

Thomas Wong

CEO, Sence

Jaryl Sim

Founder & CTO, Tinkerbox Studios

Zhi Peng Lee

Founder, Upcode Academy

Alan Seng

Digital Marketing / Social media, Tech in Asia