Status: Invested

Think of Athlede as your personal coach.
One that is competent in all kinds of sports, and is embedded in a tiny yet powerful wearable device. It’s always by your side and it knows your fitness profile and the ambitious fitness goals you are striving hard to achieve. It knows your commitment to succeed and it wants to support you in your quest to achieve your next fitness breakthrough.
Athlede intelligently optimize your training by providing you with a real time performance feedback. It knows when you’re not giving it your best, and will nudge you to buck up in a non-disruptive manner. Our device optimizes user’s training by giving them a visual on their current performance matched against their bench-marked goals in real time. This replicates the experience of training with others that will enable them to achieve their next personal best.
We are dedicated to supporting individuals to have a better future by finding their fitness breakthroughs. We transform how people train on their own by developing new training-assistance products and connect users to other athletes, schools and sports associations through the new Eco-system we’re building.