Byte Academy Singapore

Status: Closed

Byte Academy LLC has established its first international subsidiary, Byte Academy Pte Ltd (“Byte Academy Singapore”), in Singapore. Tri5 Ventures has invested S$3m in series A funding into the Singapore entity. Byte Academy Singapore will be the regional ASEAN HQ.

The programming school aims to train up to 2,000 fintech and data science programmers in its Singapore  campuses. There will be course modules of fintech, Python language programming and data science programming.

There will be 12-week full-time courses which train and places course participations into relevant programming jobs with employer partners, as well as 4-week part-time courses which offer Singaporeans the chance to get exposure to the world of fintech and data science programming.

Byte Academy is a education institution, with specialized programs in financial technology (“FinTech”) including BlockChain and Fintech-related Data Science, and Medical Technology (“MedTech”) headquartered in New York, NY, USA .

Byte Academy has developed and conducted 21 twelve week courses since October 2014 and launched our first 24 week part-time courses in 2015. Byte offers Python Fullstack, Python Fullstack + FinTech, and Python Fullstack + MedTech both full-time and part-time and Python Fullstack + Data Science part-time. To date, Byte Academy has held hundreds of workshops and other events. Byte Academy has educated hundreds of participants across all programs since 2014 from many countries and educational backgrounds.