Kungfu Math

Online game-based Singapore Mathematics

Status: Invested

Kungfu-Math brings together the merger of a good game and educational objectives of e-learning portal targeted at children aged 7–12. It is an educational gaming portal that assists users in the learning of Mathematics while bringing fun and interactive experience to them through its gaming dynamics and interactivity. Behind its engine is the power and branding of the Singapore Mathematics methodology and heuristics.

It is an innovated platform developed out of a gaming portal and an e-learning website. Users select and own avatars among the kungfu characters and go through a journey of solving Mathematical questions gaining badges and awards to upgrade their respective avatars. Traditionally, online games that are fun offer little educational value and online e-learning portals that offer educational value are not fun to children. Children are always instructed to log on to e-learning portals to learn by schools.

Updated Feb 2015: Kungfu-Math has appointed many distributors across the world who are selling the online portal to international education institutions wanting to harness the depth of the Singapore Mathematics. The start-up also has many online users who are motivated to play online while honing their Mathematical skills. Start playing at Kungfu-Math today!


  • Highly engaging and motivating
  • Unlimited Practices
  • Self-generating Questions
  • Structured and Comprehensive Curriculum

App Available in

  • Google Play
  • Apple App Store