Hyperlocal search and proximity deals

Status: Invested

Loco aims to redefine location discovery for individuals on the move. Smartphone users on Loco will be able to discover flash deals, services, events, and F&B options highly relevant to their individual preferences, and collaboratively organise meetups with their friends at these locations.

Listings on Loco are 1) highly representative of real-world conditions, 2) searchable, and 3) ranked on the basis of proximity, semantic fidelity, deep individual user behaviour analysis, and an assessment of aggregate sentiment.

Loco also serves brick-and-mortar merchants as a powerful contextual marketing platform designed to encourage group-level consumption behaviours, with real-time analytics that track rates of engagement and conversion.

Updated Dec 2015: Among the business partners that TRi5 introduced, Loco has scored huge success with merchants from both Cathay malls. Combined with their team effort, they achieved over 10,000 redemption for over 100 merchants in a short span of 6 months. With the new funding round from TRi5 and 500 Durians, they are now moving to the third phase of acquiring more merchants and users through biz dev partnership deals and regional expansions.


  • Arrange meetup
  • Discover new shops
  • Share purchases
  • Localised notifications
  • Redeem flash deals
  • Find new friends

App Available in

  • Google Play
  • Apple App Store
  • Windows Store