What is Space@TRi5?

Tri5 Ventures is more than just a Venture Capital firm.

We are an ecosystem builder and part of our effort is to build a community meeting point where all like-minded individuals such as entrepreneurs, investors & even early startup teams can gather, network, collaborate & get serious work done.

With that vision in mind, we launched Space@Tri5, a co-working & incubation space which spun out of our very own office & its housed within the iconic Block 71 itself, which is the epicenter of Singapore’s vibrant startup ecosystem.

Why Space@TRi5?

We understand that while a startup’s priority is to run lean and minimise cost, they’ll also need a place to get serious work done too. 

So what do we offer? A nice cozy & productive place to call home. At only $250/month, you get a fixed desk and its all yours. Nuff said.

Its your desk and you manage your own time. Work anytime you want. We’ll never close.

Who doesn’t know Block 71? The “Silicon Valley” of Singapore. Do we need to explain more?

Side note: Its a 5 minutes walk from One North Mrt.

Other co-working spaces charge you for booking & using the meeting room. We don’t. Our rooms are free to use to all occupants on a first come first serve basis.

All we ask for is a month deposit. No hidden charges

We provide a full suite of basic amenities that all offices should have.

Catch our Venture Capitalists from TRi5 Ventures whenever they’re free for a quick chat to pitch your ideas or ask for advice.